SCTC Challenge Ladder Rules

1. Ladder Categories
2. Ladder Periods
3 Minimum Play Requirements
4. Joining the SCTC Ladder
5. Challenging
6. Match Scoring
7. Match Reporting
8. Defaults
9. Disputes

All play on any SCTC Ladder is governed by the rules and code of conduct of the USTA and by the following SCTC Challenge Ladder Rules. In the case of any conflict, SCTC Challenge Ladder Rules take precedence.
The purpose of the SCTC Ladders is to promote competition that is fair and enjoyable. Players are expected to follow the rules.

1. Ladder Categories
SCTC will maintain 1 Ladder category in each: Men’s or Women's Singles

2. Ladder Periods
This ladder lasts forever!

3. Minimum Play Requirements
All Ladder members are required to play a minimum of one challenge match during each 60 days. Failure to do so will result in drop 1 ladder ranking.

4. Joining the SCTC Ladder

To join the Ladder, a player must be a San Carlos Tennis Club member in good standing.  The player registers on-line at a third party site  (Global Tennis Network) and then may challenge anyone on the ladder at:

Men's Ladder 2.5-4.5

Women's 2.5 to 4.5 Ladder

5. Challenging

A Ladder match must be initiated by the challenger contacting the other ladder player by email through the website. 

The challenged player must accept or decline the challenge within 7 days (or the challenged player forfeits the match).  The website will not let players with more than 3 matches within a 3 week period be challenged further during that period.  The time and location of the match are to be mutually agreed upon.  The match is to be scheduled within 3 weeks of the initial contact.

Ladder members must be available for matches on weekends. If no weekend times are available within 3 weeks of the initial contact the challenged player must offer at least one weeknight alternative within 3
weeks of the initial contact between the hours of 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

Players may not issue a challenge to the same player they have previously played for 4 weeks from the date of their ladder match.

The challenger must furnish 3 new (not previously opened) USTA approved standard sized tennis balls.

A challenger who wins a match will advance directly to the position above the opponent.

6. Match Scoring
All matches consist of the best 2 of 3 sets (players to play a full third set or tie-break, as they decide before the match). Regular scoring shall be used. A 7-point Coman tiebreaker shall be played at 6-games-all. There shall be no coaching at any stage of a ladder match.

7. Match Reporting
Winning players must report match results on the website within 2 days of match completion.

8. Defaults
Once a match time is established, if a player is unable to play at that time, they must notify the opponent 24 hours in advance or it is considered a default. The match should be promptly rescheduled if 24 hours notice is provided and it is the obligation of the player who requests the postponement to take the initiative to reschedule the match within the original 3-week time frame. If this player does not reschedule, their opponent is entitled to claim a default.  ailure to appear within 15 minutes of a scheduled match results in a default. Once a match has begun, should a player be unable to finish due to injury or illness, the result is a default (the scores of the games played will be reported, followed by “retired”).

9. Disputes
Any disputes arising from Ladder play will be arbitrated by the Ladder Chairperson but will be subject to appeal to the Board of Directors.

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