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Tennis at Arguello Courts

We've added even more opportunities to play singles and doubles; check the listings below or go to the EVENTS page for current listing.  "Corona doubles" are for partners from the same household.  For other doubles events, you have the option to be paired with other registrants. You must pre-register for these events, which are open only to club members and are free.  New players can enroll now in half-year memberships for a reduced price. 

Please allow all members the opportunity to play by limiting your registration to no more than 2 events per week. Public courts are open now throughout the county. 


Women's singles and doubles - Wednesday, July 8th at 7:00pm. registration: singles and doubles

Mixed Doubles - Tuesday, July 7th at 7:05pm.  Details and registration

For members of the same household:

Corona doubles - Saturday, July 11th. 2 sessions.  1:15-3:15pm for level 7.5+  register

Corona Mixed Doubles - 3:30-5:30pm for levels 6.0-7.0.  register

Women's Doubles, early session - Sunday July 12th from 8:00-9:45am registration

Women's Doubles, late session - Sunday July 12th from 10:15-12:00noon registration

Men's Singles - Sunday, July 12th from 2:30-4:30opm. registration

Men's Doubles - Sunday, July 12th from 5:00-7:00pm. registration

Women's Singles and Doubles on Monday, July 13 and Wednesday July 15 is full. You can register and be put on the wait list.  

SCTC is committed to the safety and health of our members. The following rules apply if you participate in club events at Arguello:

1. Do not come onto the courts until the appointed time of event.

2. Mask up as you exit your vehicle and until you are playing on court.  

    SCTC will have disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and markers on-hand.

3. Maintain a social distance of 6 feet, including during turnovers. Place bags apart on the sidelines.

4. Bring a new can of balls, marked as yours, and do not touch balls of others who are serving; use your foot or racquet to return balls.

5. Mask up again once play is completed. We recommend leaving the facility after you play; if you stay as a spectator, you must wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

Be considerate of other players.


USTA is planning to start up competitive play in August, and we are waiting to see if that plan will be executed. 


Signups for the 18+ USTA league has been delayed until July 20. We assume that Norcal wants to be sure the league will be able to hold matches before taking registrations. 

Drop In Tennis is Back!

SCTC's has 4 weekly Drop-In Doubles events. SCTC Drop-Ins are open to the public. Come join us - make new friends - and meet other players of all levels!

 Weekly Schedule Drop-In Type  Time  Location   Coordinator  Contact Info
 Mondays Women's Doubles 8:00-10:00AM Highlands Colleen Mitchell 
 Wednesdays Mixed Doubles 8:00-10:00AM Highlands Colleen Mitchell 
 Fridays June 14-August 23 Men's Doubles 8:00-10:00AM Highlands Hugh Burroughs 
 Sundays Mixed Doubles 8:00-10:00AM Burton Hugh Burroughs 

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