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SCTC will be swinging in USTA leagues! 

Our club will have access to courts at Carlmont HS for the next USTA season, which is the 40+ leagues, and will overlap with the following season of Mixed 18+.  Contact our club's USTA Coordinator John Swiecki, if you are interested in captaining a team. 

Once teams are registered, you can sign up on the USTA website AFTER checking with the captain.  

Courts to be repaired in August

Have you noticed that The Cliff on court 4 has been leveled?  It's an interim fix to make it safer until a full repair of this and other cracks can be done starting August 16th. The courts will be offline for 3 weeks, and then open again by Sept 6th.  This is your dues at work! Many thanks to Jack Hesotian for making this happen. 

No USTA for you? No Worries

Your favorite club leagues will have a summer season, June 28th to Aug 15th (when the courts go offline for repairs). Since all USTA matches will be held at Carlmont, Arguello courts can continue to support club leagues. Look for announcements soon about schedules and registration info.

Please take a look at the club's sportsmanlike conduct policy here, and renew your commitment to making the club a fun and welcoming group of tennis lovers!

Leaves and pine needles on court!? Oh No!

With this windy weather, lots of stuff gets blown onto the courts all day long, even after the morning blow-off. We now have 2 full-size, totally non-electric push brooms for making these courts safe for our events.  Their home is in the blue shed - ask your event coordinator to let you clean up the courts before playing.  Your knees and ankles are worth it! 

Safe Play Policies

Be considerate of other players. Do NOT play:

1. If you feel ill, even with mild symptoms

2. if you have been exposed within the last 14 days to someone who has tested positive

3. if you have traveled outside the immediate area in the last 7-10 days.

SCTC is committed to the safety and health of our members. The following rules apply if you participate in club events: 

1. Do not come onto the courts until the appointed time of event.

2. Mask up as you exit your vehicle and until you are playing on court.  

3. Maintain a social distance of 6 feet, including during turnovers. Place bags apart on the sidelines. Do not huddle with your partner to strategize. Instead, both players face the back court, standing apart, while speaking to each other.

4. Bring a new can of balls, marked as yours, and do not touch balls of others who are serving; use your foot or racquet to return balls. Or, you can wear a glove on your nondominant hand to handle balls. Use hand sanitizer after games.

5. Mask up again once play is completed. We recommend leaving the facility after you play If you stay as a spectator, you must wear a mask and maintain social distancing. No sharing food or drink.

Drop-In Tennis

SCTC has 4 weekly Drop-In Doubles events. SCTC Drop-Ins are open to the public. Come join us - make new friends - and meet other players of all levels!  Note that Men's Friday morning session is now back at Highlands Park courts for the summer.

 Weekly Schedule Drop-In Type  Time  Location   Coordinator  Contact Info
 Mondays Women's Doubles 8:00-10:00AM Highlands  OPEN 
 Wednesdays Mixed Doubles 8:00-10:00AM Highlands  OPEN 
 Fridays  Men's Doubles 8:00-10:00AM Highlands Hugh Burroughs 
 Sundays Mixed Doubles 8:00-10:00AM Burton Hugh Burroughs 

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