Upcoming Event: Team Tennis Registration 

All eligible club members are welcome to sign up for Traditional Team Tennis (playing levels 2.5-3.5) starting this Wednesday, Dec 13 at 5:30pm.  This club activity does NOT count towards the club league limit of one league per member.

IMPORTANT: Each member can play EITHER the first season of January to June OR the second season of July to December.  Registration for the second season will happen in May.  This current registration is only for the Jan-June season.

Details are on the Events page and the TTT registration page.  Questions? Contact the TTT Coordinator Pam Fuerst teamtennis@sancarlostennis.com.  

Dedication of Hugh Burroughs Memorial Bench 

On Sunday, Dec 10, SCTC held drop-in tennis at Burton Park and dedicated the courtside bench to Hugh Burroughs. Lisa McKenna (SCTC President) recalled some of Hugh's contributions to the club. Many members described their remembrances of Hugh, both on and off the court.  Hugh's wife Linda and his daughter appreciated the chance to hear how Hugh had affected so many people in the club. Check out the bronze plaque on Hugh's bench the next time you are at Burton Park. 

And there was plenty of tennis! Lisa introduced us to Caterpillar, with 8 players per court and lots of fast action.  It was a good way to get warm on a crispy cold morning.

Club Leagues - Winter Season 

Registration is now open for the Winter season of club leagues. Pricing reflects a full 12-week season. League details and registration instructions are on the Events page. 

Registration rules effective immediately:

  • USTA rating will be used to assess player level and when this is not available a best judgement assessment will be made by the Club Leagues director and/or president or vice president.
  • Below-level registrations are not permitted for the first two weeks after league registration opens.  Below-level registrations made any earlier will be cancelled and a credit provided to the player's account (no refunds).  You will NOT be moved to the Waitlist.  

Questions? Contact Mike Perrando leagues@sancarlostennis.com

USTA teams for SCTC

The current SCTC teams for USTA can be found here.  If you want to join a team, contact the captain for permission.  Questions? Contact our USTA Coordinator, Jonathan Torrens at usta@sancarlostennis.com

Did You Cancel Your Event Registration?
SCTC does not give refunds, but your account will be credited for the full amount of registration. The system doesn't automatically apply a credit, if you have one. Please follow these instructions to register for paid events using any credits in your account: Using a credit to pay for a new event.pdf

SCTC Fights Inflation - No Increase in 2024 Fees

Annual club membership dues will stay at $50.  For players whose membership has lapsed, there is no additional fee to join -- lapsed members simply pay $50 dues to renew membership.

A $100 one-time initiation fee applies to all first-time members. 

What's a BATT? - Big Absorbent Tennis Towel

Due to popular demand, here's the basics of BATT usage: Place the foam piece with its flat side down, and towel panels spread flat behind it.  Hold the plastic grips on the rope handle and walk forward. For deeper puddles, go slowly and let the foam push the water ahead.  The panels will hug the court surface, even where the court surface is not level. 

Walk across the entire court, pivot around and cross back.  Continue making switchbacks until court has no puddles and remaining water is spread evenly for faster drying. 

The BATT replaces both squeegees and rollers. It works best when there are both wet and dry areas on the courts. Details and links are posted in the shed. Don't forget to rehang BATTs in the shed so they can dry. 

For videos of BATTs in action:


Chutes and Ladders, Tennis Version

Move up and down the ladder by challenging players, plan matches on your own schedule, and meet new tennis buddies.  Instructions on how to register for the SCTC Men's or Women's ladders and other logistics are on the Ladders page. Also check out the Ladder Challenge Rules.

Contact Chris Guslani @ chris@guslani.com with questions about the Men's ladder.

Contact Laureen Cortez at laureentc@yahoo.com regarding the Women's Ladder.

Gift for Your Tennis Partner: Tennis Lessons at Arguello Courts

 Are you looking to make a positive change to your game?  Improve your skills or add new ones?   Do you want to work on doubles strategy with a partner or set up a team clinic?

Silicon Valley Tennis Academy offers adult tennis lessons at the Arguello courts.   Please contact the Academy for prices and available time slots at contactus@svtennisacademy.com

Ball Recycling Rolls On

Our club is still recycling tennis balls.  Simply bring used balls to the Arguello courts and deposit them in the green plastic bin by the side of Court 1.  At club events, the mailing bins will be made available courtside (ask your event coordinator if you don't see them).  The bins are stored in the Shed until sent for recycling. If you would like to help with this program, please contact Lisa McKenna president@sancarlostennis.com

Drop-In Tennis

SCTC has 4 weekly Drop-In Doubles events. SCTC Drop-Ins are open to the public. Come join us - make new friends - and meet other players of all levels!  

 Weekly Schedule Drop-In Type  Time  Location   Coordinator  Contact Info
 Mondays Women's Doubles 8:00-10:00AM Highlands Dawn Campbell dropin@sancarlostennis.com 
 Wednesdays Mixed Doubles 8:00-10:00AM Highlands Elisabeth Timmermans dropin@sancarlostennis.com 
 Fridays  Men's Doubles 8:00-10:00AM Highlands Raza Haider dropin2@sancarlostennis.com 
 Sundays Mixed Doubles 8:00-10:00AM Burton Elisabeth Timmermans dropin2@sancarlostennis.com 

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