I agree to play tennis as a SCTC member with integrity and sportsmanlike conduct at all times.  I have read and understand the rules of sportsmanlike conduct on the USTA code of conduct:

I understand that the purpose of the San Carlos tennis club (SCTC) shall be to promote tennis and related activities within the limits of San Carlos and adjacent communities, by offering and promoting competitive and social tennis play for players of all levels and ages. As a SCTC member, I agree to play tennis and behave at all club events with this purpose in mind at all times.  Opponents and other club members should be treated with respect and courtesy, on and off court.

Sportsmanlike conduct defines character. 

The SCTC believes in the core values of USTA including: integrity, inclusiveness, excellence, commitment, teamwork and accountability. At the forefront of these values, I agree to play competitive and recreational tennis as a SCTC member with integrity at all times promoting tennis as a sport and representing the purpose of SCTC and the USTA values during competitive and recreational play, off court, and at all club events. 

Code of Conduct ITF

18. Player shall not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct. During the course of a match, a player shall not engage in:

a. Verbal abuse. Swear at an official, a spectator, or an opponent in a voice that can be heard by any person;

b. Visible or audible profanity or obscenity. Use profanity or insulting, abusive, or obscene language in any way that may be heard by any person or use obscene, insulting, or abusive gestures;

c. Racket abuse. Throw or break a racket other than in the normal course of play;

d. Ball abuse. Deliberately hitting, throwing, or kicking a ball that is not in play if the ball: leaves the playing area; hits or comes close to hitting any person; or could cause damage or harm. USTA REGULATIONS IV.D. (Point Penalty System)119

e. Physical abuse. Threaten or inflict bodily injury to anyone; or

f. Other unsportsmanlike conduct.

How SCTC Implements our Sportsmanship Policy

  1. A complaint must be submitted in writing to a Board member. The complaint can be made by a member about other member(s)'s alleged behavior that violates the above Sportsmanlike Conduct Policy. Contact a board member for the form.

  2. The matter shall be referred to the President (or to the Vice President, if the matter involves the President), who will nominate an individual to chair an investigation. The chair will choose a Sportsmanship Committee that shall consist of at least three club members who were not involved in the incident and who do not have previous issues with the accused individual(s). 

  3. The Committee will investigate as needed, collecting evidence via interviews with participants, emails, and any other evidence pertinent to the complaint. The accused member(s) will be contacted by a Committee member and will have the opportunity to submit evidence and respond to the complaint.

  4. The Committee will submit a draft report to the President (or to the Vice President, if the matter involves the President) for review. The report will include the issues, objectives of the investigation, chronology of events, findings, conclusion, and a recommended course of action.  The action may range from no action to full suspension from club activities.  The final report will be submitted to the Board.

  5. The Board will vote on the recommendation and may decide to impose a different action than what is recommended. Any Board members that are part of the complaint will not have a vote.  A SCTC officer will inform the accused member(s) of the Board’s decision and ensure that the accused member understands the BOD’s reasoning and action. 

  6. The matter will remain confidential among Board members and will not be discussed outside the Board.

Approved 3/8/2021 by Board of Directors

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