SCTC Tennis Challenge Ladders

Join in for fun competitive play that works for your schedule!

SCTC currently runs a Women's Singles Ladder.

NEW:  Men's Singles Ladder...sign up NOW to play!

This program is managed outside of the SCTC website. Please follow instructions below to register, and sign up for the Singles League. Once you are registered, you can challenge an opponent within the league and schedule a singles match...time and place of mutual agreement. Post your scores, and keep climbing the ladder! Let's have some Singles Fun...

We use the same platform for both the Women's and Men's ladders. Here is how it works:

    • Register with (create a free account with your personal and tennis Profile)
    • Register in the SCTC Network
    • Once you have successfully registered, click on Tennis Leagues to find the 
    • Challenge other participants and schedule match times that works for you and your opponent.
    • Winners enter the match results online. Match results and movement up and down the ladder are immediate - the winner takes a spot above the opponent in the ladder.
    • Ladder participants should familiarize themselves with the SCTC Challenge Ladder Rules.
    • HAVE FUN!

Please follow all COVID guidelines when playing any SCTC event.

Ladies: Contact Laureen Cortez at with any questions or if you need additional information.

Men's Singles Ladder. Please contact Chris Guslani at if you need help joining the ladder on GlobalTennisNetwork.

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